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Meet Nurbek

Nurbek Turdukulov has a professional career spanning over the course of three decades. Currently residing in Alexandra, Virginia, Nurbek works as director of SeaNova Capital LLC. His vast career has allowed him to hold a variety of positions. In fact, over two decades of his career were spent in Russia, working as a research assistant, a financial broker, a deputy minister and as the founder and CEO of multiple successful companies. Nurbek’s passion for what he does has certainly propelled him to work his way up in his field and land amazing opportunities.

Not only does Nurbek have an extreme passion for his career, but he also holds education in high regard. After attending undergraduate classes in Moscow, Nurbek received his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Cybernetics in 1984. He later decided to pursue postgraduate studies, and he obtained his Master’s degree in Economics at the Kyrgyz-Slavic University in 2003. Outside of collegiate studies, Nurbek Turdukulov also received almost a decade’s worth of professional training in multiple countries, including Kyrgyzstan, Japan, the USA, Austria and Estonia. This training equipped him in areas such as organizing the business of small and medium enterprises, management in Japanese companies, marketing planning, PR in business, technology commercialization, business management, information communication technology (ICT) and ICT management in the public sector.

While attending school, Nurbek served as a board member on a number of high-end councils and associations. In addition to his education and service, Nurbek Turdukulov received the “2002 Businessman of the Year” Award at the International Festival Competition of the European Marketing Foundation, the European Marketing Research Center (Brussels) and Festival International (USA), which covered Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. His work has also been featured in 14 publications. 

Nurbek’s professionalism and long career have served him well. He is held in high regard by his coworkers and peers. He has found success in all of his roles and hopes to continue his career for years to come. He owes his success to his parents, who he says instilled a strong work ethic in him since he was young. This foundation in his youth set him up to value education and professionalism and has led to him pursuing a plethora of opportunities. 

To learn more about Nurbek Turdukulov’s experience and professional endeavors, make sure to follow along with his blog.

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